Sid Ferguson

First things first, I'm a big outdoors buff! I love all things camping, 4WDing, fishing, and boating—and of course, all the gear that goes along with it!

I grew up on a farm in Northern Victoria, where I currently call home after a brief stint in the big smoke of Melbourne. Growing up, my parents regularly took my two siblings and I camping on the mighty Murray River, where we'd spend our days water skiing, fishing and bike riding. This is where I cut my teeth and developed a passion for the outdoors.

After graduating uni and saving a few dollars, I brought myself a new 4WD and kitted it out with all the fruit. My 2016 Nissan Navara is set up for touring and 4WDing and allows me to get to some incredible places our amazing country has to offer.

During summer weekends, if I'm not out camping, you're likely to find me on one of the local river systems in my boat, trying to catch the Murray Cod of a lifetime. A feat I'm yet to accomplish but determined to achieve!

Sid recommends: Touring Victoria

Yes, I might be biased as a proud Victorian. Still, I genuinely believe Victoria has some of the best camping and touring Australia has to offer.

We're lucky enough to have a bit of everything here in Victoria. From the stunning beauty of the Vic Alps to the magnificent coastline along the Great Ocean Road to the mighty Murray River. Additionally, our summers are hot and dry, and winter is so cold that it snows in the mountains.

I've experienced quite a lot of what Victoria has to offer, but there are still a few things I'm yet to tick off. I want to get down Gippsland way someday to experience their beach camping!

Craigs Hut is one of the most famous locations in Victoria.

Sid’s Favourite Aussie Adventures

I've got a confession to make - I've never been overseas. But why should I? Australia is a huge country with so much to do and see, and I haven't even scratched the surface! I've experienced some pretty epic adventures, and there'll be plenty more to come! Here are's some of my favourites.

Victorian High Country

I'm lucky enough to have the stunning Victorian High Country only a couple of hour's drive from me. There is so much to explore in this area, and it has so much to offer for any adventurer. 

I've done many High Country trips over the last few years, and I'm blown away by how beautiful it is every time.

Just one of the endless stunning campsites in the Victorian High Country.

The High Country is unique because it offers many different challenges to test out your 4WD rig. Plus, you're rewarded with some pretty incredible campsites after a big day in the saddle.

The High Country is littered with spectacular views.

A standout from my High Country adventures is the Crooked River Track near Talbotville, which is notorious for having over 20 river crossings. The crossings aren't too deep, but there are some pretty hairy exits that require good ground clearance and a grippy set of tyres.

I did this trip with a convoy of my best mates. In my opinion, there is no better way to spend your weekend than wheeling with your mates, having a few beers around the campfire and cooking a hearty camp oven meal.

I look forward to exploring more of the High Country in the near future. Unfortunately, most of it is inaccessible in the winter, as road closures are put in place due to snow.

The Great Ocean Road & Otway National Park

Incredible coastlines, cascading waterfalls and lots to see and do—The Great Ocean Road is a must-do.

I did this trip in 2020 when Metropolitan Melbourne was in its COVID lockdown, which meant it was very quiet. We basically had it all to ourselves, which is something I'll probably never get to experience again considering how popular it is.

If you're looking for a great campsite, look up Blanket Bay. It's a campsite in Cape Otway, just off the Great Ocean Road, and allows you to camp right next to the ocean. You can hear the waves crashing on the rocks at night, which I find very tranquil when sleeping.

There are numerous attractions along the Great Ocean Road worth checking out. Do your research and decide what you want to see and what fits into your route. My recommendations are Stevesons Falls, Loch Ard Gorge and the famous 12 Apostles.

Fraser Island (K’Gari)

I spent a week on Fraser Island in April this year with some of my best mates and that was my favourite adventure so far.

Where do I start? It's hard to compare Fraser Island to anything else. It's one of the few places this side of Australia where you can drive and camp on the beach. For me, this was super cool. As a Victorian, I've never experienced anything like it.

N’Gala Rocks is one of the most famous 4wd tracks on the island.

I spent ages preparing for this trip, decking my rig out with a good 12V system, rooftop tent and a few other bits and pieces. After being cooped up for so long during COVID, I was itching to get away and make an interstate trip, and boy, did Fraser deliver!

We stayed in some incredible campsites, all of which were a stone's throw from the ocean. We were also lucky enough to get some good weather which always makes for a better trip. Seeing native dingos in their natural habitat is a pretty surreal experience. It's almost like the rangers train them to wander through your campsite and pose for photos!

You need at least a week to see and do everything on Fraser Island. We saw the major attractions like Lake McKenzie, The Maheno Shipwreck, N'Gala Rocks and Eli Creek. It's difficult to pick a favourite as they are all well worth checking out.

Lake McKenzie potentially takes the cake!

The best thing about Fraser Island is you don't need a heavily modified vehicle to explore the island (although it does need to be a 4WD). We were expecting to get bogged constantly and packed all the recovery gear known to man, but it never got touched, which we were actually a bit disappointed about! The sand was quite firm when we were there. However, it can become very soft if there is no rainfall, so I'd recommend you still come prepared and drop those tyre pressures.

Fraser Island was an incredible experience.
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