About CampingAussie

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Who are the people behind CampingAussie?

CampingAussie was created by a group of Australia-based, outdoors-loving, experienced campers who wanted to help aspiring campers get out and explore Australia. We have dozens of years’ experience living outdoors in all areas of the country and in both campervans and tents.

Why do we do this?

Part of the thrill of camping comes from sharing that experience with others. CampingAussie is our way of giving back to the camping community. Through our experience living full-time in the Australian outdoors, we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to pull off successful trips and we’re excited to share the lessons we've learned with you. Like all proud campers, we’re also gearheads. So you can also rely on us to deliver honest, straight-to-the-point reviews about the gear you need to camp safely and comfortably in Australia all-year round.

The CampingAussie team

All CampingAussie writers are experts in the topics they write on.

Living in the Australian outdoors from a self-converted campervan, Daniel has over a decade of experience in the field that he shares in his writing at CampingAussie. When not travelling, you can find Daniel near the ocean - either fishing, diving or surfing.

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Sid is a huge outdoors buff! He loves all things camping, 4WDing, fishing, and boating—and of course, all the gear that goes along with it!

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Anthony has enjoyed many surreal camping moments with his family, and is now lucky enough to share these with readers like you.

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The CampingAussie mission

We know how daunting it can be for newcomers to break into camping. Especially in some parts of the country, the Australian outdoors is unpredictable – there’s tons of conflicting advice about the best way to approach camping in the outback or the mountains for instance, and the list of gear you need to get started seems endless. With CampingAussie, we hope to simplify the process of camping outdoors and help a new generation of campers explore our beautiful country safely.