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Best 23 Beach Camping Spots In Western Australia

Beach camping is something that is synonymous with camping in Western Australia. We're lucky to have so many beautiful beaches at our fingertips, and it would be stupid not to take advantage of them.

I grew up in WA, and I’ve visited nearly every beach our state has to offer. With this knowledge, I've put together the ultimate list of the best beach camping spots by region.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — South West

Belvidere Campground

Location: 30km north of Bunbury
$11 per adult, per night, $3 per child, per night

The picturesque Belvidere Campground can be found just north of Bunbury, around two hours drive south of Perth. It sits on the banks of the Leschenault estuary, and it's one of the most popular camping spots in the region.

But it doesn't lack peacefulness, with the surrounding tuart forest rich with birds and other wildlife. Public toilets and picnic tables are available.


Windy Harbour

Location: 375km south of Perth

Price: From $40 per site, per night (max 2 adults and 2 children)

Windy Harbour's very own Nature Based Camping Ground features sites just a short walk from the beach. You will benefit from a range of amenities including camp kitchen facilities, gas barbecues, and hot showers.

This historical coastal town makes a beautiful place to stop for a few days, and I'd seriously recommend popping in for a visit on your next adventure!

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Great Southern

Betty's Beach Campground

Location: 50km east of Albany

Price: Free

Betty's Beach is somewhere I stayed many times when I was growing up, and it remains one of the last free beach camps in the Great Southern. There's a small number of self-contained campsites situated among the peppermint trees, just metres off the beautiful white sands of the beach itself.

At Betty's Beach, you will find clear waters, great fishing opportunities, and dog-friendly facilities that are definitely worth taking advantage of.

Cape Riche Campground

Location: 100km east of Albany

Price: $20 per night, per site (up to 2 adults and 2 children)

Cape Riche is one of my favourite places for snorkelling and walking on the beach, and the Cape Riche Campground provides a perfect place to base yourself. It's 2WD accessible, and there's a caretaker who lives on-site all year. You will also find toilets, cold showers, running water, and public barbecues.

The coastline in this area is beautiful, and I'd recommend it if you're looking for stunning beaches, blue waters, and activities like fishing and swimming.

Shelley Beach

Location: 35km west of Albany

Price: $11 per adult, per night, $3 per child, per night

The Shelley Beach Campground is found in the West Cape Howe National Park, an area that's known for its rugged coast and beachside camping. You will find a small number of sites at the water's edge, along with a long-drop toilet. There are no other facilities, and you will have to take your own water.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Goldfields-Esperance

St Mary Inlet

Location: 220km NE of Albany

Price: $11 per adult, per night

At the St Mary Inlet campsite, you will find yourself nestled among the bushes just minutes walk from the inlet mouth. Whale watching is a popular activity from the nearby dunes in the winter months, and it's a popular area for fishing, hiking, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities.

Lucky Bay Campground

Location: 60km east of Esperance

Price: $15 per adult, per night

If you've ever read an article about Australia's best beaches or must-visit locations, you've probably heard of Lucky Bay. Picture pure white sand, kangaroos on the beach, and access to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the state.

It's the perfect spot for an extended stay, especially if you enjoy fishing, diving, and/or surfing. The camp is fully equipped with toilets and a neat BBQ area, and the nearby town of Esperance offers an easy way to stock up on food and drinking water while you take your time exploring the surrounding Cape Le Grand National Park.

Point Malcolm

Location: 190km east of Esperance

Price: Free

If you're looking for something a little different that's off the beaten track, you can't get much better than the Point Malcolm campground. It's a simple free camp with no amenities or other facilities, and it requires a lengthy 4WD trip to get there.

The camp is found among the peppermint trees less than 100m from the beach, which offers excellent fishing, snorkelling, and exploring. It's a wilderness area, so don't be surprised if you go days at a time without seeing anyone else!

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Wheatbelt

Sandy Cape

Location: 240km north of Perth

Price: From $20 per night

Sandy Cape is one of my all-time favourite spots, and I stay there for at least a few nights every year. It's just a few hours' drive north of Perth, making it the perfect place to stop in for a night or two on a trip north.

Camping fees do apply, but there's plenty of room and secluded sites nestled metres from the area's incredible beaches. The nearby towns of Jurien Bay and Leeman offer a selection of local seafood and basic facilities, although I'd avoid the area in the school holidays - I find that it just gets too busy!

Milligan Island

Location: 255km north of Perth

Price: From $20 per night

Just a few kilometres north of Sandy Cape, you will find Milligan Island. This is another beautiful camping spot that puts you within walking distance of turquoise waters and excellent snorkelling. The beach fishing is also excellent, and you will be just a short drive from Jurien Bay and Green Head.

Wanagarren Campground

Location: 150km north of Perth

Price: $8 per adult, per night

If you're looking for camping locations a little closer to the city, you can't go past the Wanagarren campground. You will require a decent 4WD to get to it, but the sites are literally on the beach, on what's arguably the most remote stretch of coastline within easy reach of Perth.

There's no drinking water, toilets, or other facilities, but campfires are permitted during the cooler months.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Mid West

Cliff Head Campground

Location: 310km north of Perth

Price: From $20 per night

The Cliff Head campground is a beautiful little site featuring stunning views over the Indian Ocean. The camping bays are a little crowded, but you will find eco-toilets, a basic camp kitchen, and a communal fireplace. It's one of the best beachside camping options I've seen for people (like me) who enjoy meeting other travellers from time to time.

Coronation Beach Campground

Location: 35km north of Geraldton

Price: $15 per adult, per night (changes regularly)

Coronation Beach is one of the best beachside camping spots I've found in the Mid West, and it's been a hit every time I've taken people there. Facilities include pit toilets, a shower cubicle (for solar showers, etc..), a communal BBQ, and picnic shelters.

One major plus of this campsite is that it's pet-friendly. This means that you can bring your furry friends along with you on your next beachside camping adventure.

Lucky Bay Campground

Location: 50km south of Kalbarri

Price: $15 per vehicle, per night

Yes, Lucky Bay makes it on the list twice, but this Lucky Bay offers a much wilder, more rugged camping experience than the south coast version. Limited facilities are available, and you will require a 4WD to access the beach properly.

The area is known for its world-class beach fishing and snorkelling, and boat launching is possible on calm days. No fresh water is available, but the camp fees are low and the camp spots are spread through the picturesque coastal dunes.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Gascoyne

Ningaloo Coast

Location: 133km south of Exmouth

Price: From $8 per adult, per night

The Ningaloo Coast is my favourite place in the world, without a question. The pristine coral reefs, calm water, and pristine environment have to be seen to be believed. The Ningaloo Coast offers five different campgrounds spaced along the area's sandy beaches.

There are no facilities at any of the five sites, and you will require a 4WD vehicle and a chemical toilet. Dogs and other pets are allowed, and there are countless opportunities for beach fishing, snorkelling, and spearfishing.

Bottle Bay

Location: 450km north of Geraldton

Price: $11 per adult, per night

At Bottle Bay, you will find attractive beachside camping areas in the middle of the Francois Peron National Park. Small boats can be launched from the beach, and the campsites are clearly marked and spread a decent distance from each other.

You will need a 4WD to access the further reaches of the beach, but I haven't found many places nicer for walking along the water's edge on a nice day.

Big Lagoon

Location: 440km north of Geraldton

Price: $11 per adult, per night

At Big Lagoon, you will find a camping experience like no other. The area features a unique amazing coastline, and I'd honestly call it one of Western Australia's best-kept secrets. You will find toilets and BBQs spaced around the lagoon, and the campsites are cleverly spread to ensure you aren't crowded out.

Much of the lagoon is a marine park with restricted fishing, but line fishing and crabbing are permitted in selected areas.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Pilbara

Cleaverville Camping Area

Location: 40km east of Karratha

Price: Free (offseason) to $16 per night (peak season)

Despite its somewhat macabre name, Cleaverville offers some of Western Australia's best beachside camping. With Cleaverville Creek and its tidal flats, the rocky coastline, and the sandy beaches, you won't run out of things to do if you decide to stay here. There's no drinking water available, and all campers need their own chemical toilet.

Gnoorea Point

Location: 65km west of Karratha

Price: Free (offseason) to $16 per night (peak season)

Gnoorea Point offers very similar camping facilities to Cleaverville, and it's another attractive option on the Pilbara's wild coast. It's free to stay here between May and September, and campfires are permitted year-round (except on high, extreme, and catastrophic fire danger days).

The best sites at Gnoorea Point sit atop the coastal cliff, providing close-up views of the amazing coastline. There's brilliant fishing in the area, and you shouldn't have any issues catching a feed.

Settler's Beach

Location: 50km east of Karratha

Price: $20 per night

At Settler's Beach, you will find four small, self-contained campsites that must be booked in advance. The area is known for its amazing fishing, snorkelling, and hiking. Whale watching is a popular activity at the right time of the year, and pets are allowed.

Best Beach Camping Spots In WA — Kimberley

Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park

Location: 250kms north of Port Hedland

Price: From $28 per night

80 Mile Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Western Australia - in my well-travelled opinion at least! It stretches endlessly, and I remember walking for hours one day without ever having to leave the beach.

The region's beautiful shells are a highlight, and the 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park is the only beach camping spot with close access.

Willie Creek

Location: 37km north of Broome

Price: Free

The free Willie Creek campground is a beautiful, secluded location at the mouth of - you guessed it - Willie Creek. It offers excellent fishing and boating opportunities, but watch out for the crocs that inhabit the area!

There is a 3-day maximum stay, and you will need to be fully self-sufficient. This means that you will need a chemical toilet, your own drinking water, and adequate food and other supplies.

Broome Bird Observatory

Location: Broome, Western Australia

Price: From $20 per adult, per night

Just a few km east of Broome you will find the Broome Bird Observatory campground, which sits just metres from the coast. The wildlife in the area is exceptional, and there are various activities to keep you occupied while you're staying. This campground comes with all facilities, including hot showers and a camp kitchen.

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